Introducing the New Apple Watch

Today was the Apple event and everyone has been waiting for this day. There were so many rumors that confirmed that Apple was going to release multiple iPhone’s. This rumor was viral until today when it got confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Later in the keynote, Apple released some there other products that got added to the lines like the new Apple Watch Series 3 with the new built-in WatchOS 4, New Apple TV, the new iOS software that will be coming later in the year and more.

This event took place at the new Steve Jobs Theater for the first time and will continue to happen here for the rest of the events from this point on wards. Let’s talk about one of the major things that Apple released today. I will be writing and posting another article which will talk about the other products that Apple released at the keynote today.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is meant to look super sexy on your wrist. It completely revolutionized the watch industry and is now rated the number one watch in the world as I am writing this article. Along time ago Apple Watch was rumored to have cellular capability, and that has finally been confirmed. Apple launched two new types of Apple Watches today. They both come under the new Series 3 category and will have better processing power with the new chip and have a better battery type.

First off the picture above is not that clear but Apple Watch Series 2 is being removed. This was expected since the Series 3 has the GPS + Cellular feature and so it destroys the whole point of the Series 2 Apple Watch. The price of the Apple Watch Series 3 starts as $329 and with cellular is $399. With cellular, you will be allowed to use your Apple Watch without your phone and still get the connection. So this means that if you go out for a run you can still play music without having your phone on you. through the carrier. If you buy with cellular then you can call from anywhere you are even though you don’t have a phone. If you buy with cellular you are required to buy the Apple Watch with the same carrier you used to by your iPhone. So if you use AT&T then you will have to buy it with AT&T. 

This may be a cool feature but the problem with this is that the Apple Watch will always be connected to the cell towers so it will consume a lot of battery. But, Apple has got you covered. The watch will come with 18 hours of battery life. This means that the watch will not immediately die after 2-3 hours and you can use it for even more time.


The watch will be packed with a W2 chip. Hence, the watch will have a better performance rate and not have any lags. The Series 3 watch will have a faster dual-core processor alongside with built-in GPS. Just like the other watches, it will have a Barometric altimeter, a Heart rate sensor and a built in Accelerometer and Gyroscope.

The Apple Watch will have a capacity of 16GB and is water resistant up to 50 meters. It will run the latest Apple Watch software which is the WatchOS 4 and will be available from September 22.

That is the whole breakdown of one of the products that Apple released today. I personally think that this is the best Apple Watch so far because now I can do whatever I am doing without connecting to a certain wifi or my phone. I don’t have to carry my phone around and I can still do the things that I can’t do when I leave my phone at home. If you want to watch the whole event then below this paragraph I have linked the video. If you want more information on the Apple Watch then you can visit the Apple Watch website.

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