You can finally Order the Essential Phone

After launching the Essential Phone in late May, former Android creator Andy Rubin stated that the phone would ship 30 days prior to your pre-order date. Rubin’s company wasn’t able to stick to that plan. Pre-orders were delayed but no one ever explained why that happened. However, whoever pre-ordered in late May are in luck because you will be getting your phone in 5 days.

The announcement was sent via email to those who decided to pre-order the phone anywhere between May and end of July. Essential’s previous update came in late July when it told buyers the phone will launch “in a few weeks”.

This may sound like good news but who knows if it might happen again. We hope it is nothing serious to the reason why being. After all of this silence know one knows what it will do to the company.

Investors are though still happy with the company and news broke out that Essential raised $300 million in new funding, joining partnership’s with retailers to sell the handset such as Tencent, Foxconn, and Amazon who are among the companies backing up Rubin’s Essential Phone. Starting at $700 the phone will only ship in the U.S for now and later Rubin plans on launching in the UK, Western Europe, and Japan, in the future.

This may help him gain more money and popularity for the future which he could use to build another phone. As we know this phone is called PH-1 which means there is probably going to be a PH-2.

If you want to order it from their website then just Click Here. Pre-orders have also started on Sprints website which you can order from by Clicking Here. On Sprint’s website, it states that the phone will ship to your house by 8/31 which means you will get it in about 2 weeks. That isn’t that bad thinking about the fact of how it was delayed for about a month or two.

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