New Apple Watch Will Reportedly have LTE

Almost over 2 years ago Apple released their new Apple Watch. One year later they released a better version that was water proof and better sound quality called Apple Watch Series 2. Adding on to that Apple also improved the S1P dual-core processor. Apple also decreased the price from $300 to $269 for Series 1. But the successful lineup has not stopped. Reports have shown that in the next Apple Watch there will be better chips and will have built-in LTE.

This new rumored feature of the next Apple Watch answers the question “What will I do when my phone is out of range?“. The answer is that you won’t need your phone now. When the phone goes out of range it will automatically switch to LTE so that your Apple Watch still has Wi-Fi and you can still do the things you would when your phone is in range.

This takes the Smartwatch market to the next level. Currently, there are know smart watches that will work without your phone in the pocket. Based on this (if this even happens) we know that the upcoming watches will have the same feature so that the companies products stay on the same page.

But there is still some information that we don’t know. Just like the iPad, Apple could charge a premium for adding the cellular service. If that is true then the watch will need some sort of data plan which will allow LTE access to the Apple Watch just like you do it for your iPhone. This may or may not change the look for the Apple Watch depending on how Apple implements it in the Apple Watch.

This may be one of the best features since Apple made the Apple Watch water-proof but there are cons such as battery life. While the Apple Watch might be using LTE it will still need to be connected to the towers which will consume battery life even though you are not using the Apple Watch. This might be the biggest issue so far if Apple decides to add the feature.

The updated watch is likely to be announced in September, alongside the iPhone’s. Keep in mind this is only a report that came from Bloomberg. I think this is an awesome feature that will enlighten the Apple Watch even more. Alongside that, we hope Apple fixes the battery life issue and makes it even stronger.

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