SNES Classic Mini U.S Update

Nintendo has finally started pre-orders in the United States. Walmart is the first retailer to open pre-orders to the public. We now wonder if Amazon, Best Buy, and Game Stop will be the next companies to allow pre-orders. If you don’t remember, SNES Classic Mini pre-orders began in the UK the same day the console was announced and it has almost been four weeks for fans in the States to get a chance to pre-order it. People say that the reason it was delayed was probably that Nintendo could not get the FCC Approval. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ensures that all electronic gadgets in the US generate electromagnetic interference within safe limits.

What we know so far

Walmart has created a page which allows anyone to pre-order the console and if you want one, then you can Click Here. Currently, there are only 2 U.S. retailers that are offering notifications on when the product will available and those are Best Buy and Amazon. If you want to check those to websites out then for Best Buy, Click Here and for Amazon, Click Here. Game Stop currently does not have a SNES Classic Mini product page, and neither does the Official Nintendo US Store, Target and Toys R Us. We hope for them to update their website soon so that everyone can pre-order from multiple websites and not only from Walmart.

When pre-orders were available in the U.K, SNES consoles were getting sold out like it was Black Friday. All websites such as Amazon U.K, Argos, Tesco Direct and more all displayed the message “Not available“. The same thing is inevitable in the United States.

I am actually looking forward to getting one myself because this is a really cool way for me to play all of those old retro games that came out back in the 90’s. Speaking of retro, there is another article that I wrote which talked about this more modern version of the Game Boy which basically allows you to play those old games that were originally there on the Game Boy. If you want to read it then just Click Here.

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