The Best way to Re-Live your Childhood

Before the Nintendo DS came out we had the first handheld console. The Game Boy. It combined the features of the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game & Watch. This console was a major hit and sold over 180 million units worldwide until it got discontinued in 2003. Since then Nintendo hasn’t really released any new versions of the original, but they have released better versions of the Game Boy as time passed by. In the line-up, they added the Game Boy Advanced and the Game Boy Color and more kept on coming until 2005 when we got the first version of the 3DS. Since then Nintendo has not released any new versions of the Game Boy and the lineup has been on a halt. While I was on a look out to find a seller who sold Game Boy’s I stumbled upon the BittBoy.

The product that they have created is extraordinary. BittBoy has recreated the original Game Boy with only a few design changes. They call it the BittBoy FC Mini Handheld. This baby can help you re-live your childhood and you will be able to play all of the old retro games that came with the Game Boy such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario and much more. BittBoy has made the console smaller so that it can fit in your pocket. It features a 2.2″ IPS Display screen. And for people who love larger screens, it can be hooked up to a TV with an output cable that is provided in the box. When bought they will send you a box with the following items in it:

– BittBoy FC Classic Portable Handheld Video Game Console
– AV cable
– USB charging cable

At $40 it is a reasonable price considering that the Game Boy started at $90 and went up to $120 if a bundle was purchased. If you want to visit their page and buy one of these cool babies then you can click here.

This is the best way to re-live your childhood and I look forward to actually buying one so that I can play all of those nice retro games.

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