Vizio Unveils their Brand New Sound Bar

If you don’t remember from my previous articles one of them talked about SONOS also unveiling their new Sound Bar called the PLAYBAR. That was released because their competitor BOSE had not yet released one. Well now finally after weeks we have a competitor. Vizio has announced and soon be releasing their brand new Sound Bar. This new product is said to be affordable and be packed with tons of new things compared to the other Sound Bar’s and deliver the best sound quality to your house. So, let us jump right into the specs and design of the product.


Before I state anything the product by Vizio is more on the wireless and Bluetooth side that is the reason why there aren’t that many ports to plug in cables. This can be good and bad at the same time. The Bar has an Analog Audio Input, 1x 3.5mm stereo mini jack, a USB Input1x USB (for .WAV Audio Playback) and lastly it has a Bluetooth® InputBLE 4.0. These specs are straight from their website.

I want to take the moment to talk about Bluetooth. This is something that they are really focusing on not only for their bar but also in general for their TV’s. The new thing that they are beginning to add to the bar is the ability to have a Chromecast. If you don’t remember again, back in October of 2016 Google announced its new version of the Chromecast. It was claimed to be the most used and best product for streaming videos from youtube and other places. This was a huge success and people on black friday were buying these things. This is not really a big thing though because there are some things that beat the Chromecast and some Soundbars don’t even need this like the SONOS. Speaking of that, Vizio also launched an app to control your TV, SoundBar and this new speaker that they are releasing which I will write an article on next. This app is just like the one SONOS released way back when they announced their first product.

The Bar will be able to be mounted on the wall and you could also just let it lay down on the mantle of a fireplace or the TV table where you put your games and remotes in. This is really good because in the SONOS bar you cannot mount it on the wall which means you have this fat horizontal speaker take up some space.

That is honestly all it for this article. There aren’t that many specs to look at based on the information given on their website and if you want to check it out then Click Here. This is one of my shortest articles. It is more of a Tekopia Quickie than a full-length article and I apologize for that.

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