Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition will be available at Best Buy stores around the world tomorrow morning

Remember that old console that you had lying down on your shelf in the living room back then. The console that had no wires sticking into it and there was this mini rectangle thing they called the joystick that was just lying down on the sofa next to your TV remote. Well that has come back due to the latest post by Best Buy on Twitter stating:

Limited quantities of will be available TOMORROW.

Here is the full post by Best Buy:

According to The Verge, The NES Classic is officially discontinued, and Nintendo has said that the final shipments of the mini-console are reaching stores this month. Due to this reason, Best Buy has said that it is your last chance to get the NES because next month you will not be able to buy it except people on Ebay. The NES Classic is a major blockbuster and people still want to get it. Especially the fact that it will come with some games that are pre-loaded in the console. Old retro games such as Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Kirby’s Adventure, Donkey Kong and the old Zelda game. These were the most popular games back then but what makes me sad is that they did not include Mario Kart. This game when it was first released got millions and millions of users to play and that is when they introduced it to their new brand new console the Wii. The thing that you need to put in your mind is that Best Buy will not be selling this product online because they can’t ship this for some god damn reason. Some Best Buy stores in places like New York and San Francisco are doing a ticketing process before doors open. The end of this retro hit is near. After this, you can hold out hope for GameStop (probably only in expensive bundles), Walmart, Target, and Amazon. After that, it’s either eBay, Craigslist, or waiting for the SNES Classic which will hopefully be releasing or being announced by Nintendo in late 2017.

That is all it, so I hope you guys go and buy yourselves one of those bad boys because the dead end of the retro end is about to come in the next week or so. We shall all be happy that Best Buy is taking the chance to give this piece of joy some time to get a home by one of you good souls out there.

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