Sonos’s new Soundbar will Deliver the Best Sound Quality

In order to make your house look super fancy and super good, you need to have some rich items. Not judging some people’s house but that is now the latest trend. People now focus on unique items that are selling in stores and this is something that will take some time to decide on. Trust me, it is that good!

Introducing the new advanced soundbar by the speaker company SONOS. If you don’t remember back in 2014 and 2015 SONOS unveiled their new speaker. This was the first speaker of the series that they were going to launch later in the year. Then later in 2016, they released the second version of their first speaker with improved things such as their SONOS app. With that as a bonus, they launched their new sound bar. The reason was because they wanted to compete against one of the best sound bar companies BOSE. After some time they were tied up with their competitor. Now it is 2017 and it is a fresh new year. We have not really heard anything from BOSE so SONOS is taking that to their advantage and they are launching their new sound bar prior to their first successor. Let’s jump right into the specs and design of the new product by SONOS.


The new Soundbar is definitely a more refined version of the first Soundbar, by now I can tell SONOS will definitely be releasing another product later in the future and it is probably going to be something like this. Compared to the first design the edges of the bar is now smooth and curved. This brings a rich design to the new product. In terms of weight and height, it has gotten much more compact. The height has been reduced and it has gotten a lot lighter. The top of the PLAYBASE is stronger and can handle more weight. That is partially the reason why the top is super smooth so it is easy to take off from the bottom of the TV in case of a problem. In the old PLAYBASE, there was a silver mini-bar going through the front. That has now been removed and replaced which just clear black or white color depending on which you pick. Speaking of that just like the old PLAYBASE it will be available into colors black and white. probably the perfect options because you don’t need so much color in a Soundbar. lastly, the new Soundbar will be the same price as the last one. This means that it will be $699. Not too bad for an upgraded version for the same price but I mean it depends on which one you want. Obviously, people are going to buy the latest one.

Since this is something on which you will put stuff on there are some placement guidelines for the product. For a TV that has a single-foot stand, your TV stand needs to rest completely on your PLAYBASE with no overhang. It securely supports any screen up to 77 lbs (35 kg). For a split-foot TV, it fits conveniently between the legs of most TVs stands with separate feet. Feet of the legs must be at least 2.3” (58mm) tall to allow for PLAYBASE clearance. For best acoustics, set your PLAYBASE toward the front with 2” of clearance on each side. To prevent anything from happening you cannot put any object lighter than 5 lbs (2.3 kg) on top of your PLAYBASE. The sound may send them flying according to their website.


The product has ten amplified speaker drivers – six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer. Those speakers are 10 Class-D digital Amplifiers. The product has an optical output to connect to the back of TV. This also allows the PLAYBASE to connect and speak DOLBY DIGITAL and stereo. Based on your sound preference once bought you will be able to customize the bass, treble, and the loudness using the remote provided. The PLAYBASE’S dimensions (H x W x D) are
2.28 x 28.35 x 14.96 in. (58 x 720 x 380 mm). This is much shorter in all dimensions compared to their first version. It weighs about 18.85 lbs. (8.6 kg). The new real different thing to the product is the capacitive touch controls for volume up/down, previous/next track, and play/pause.
LED which indicates SONOS component status and mute status. This is the first they are adding a mini LED screen to their products because the speakers till now still have buttons to control the song and volume (up and down). This is a little tease for more upcoming products for SONOS because from now on they will be adding a mini LED screen to all of their speakers.

This part is pretty important. The SoundBar will be able to connect to your wifi (duh). This is just like all other SONOS speakers. Once you have connected it to your wifi you will be able to pair it up with any speaker you have at home whether it is none or maybe it is even 5. Just a heads, Amazon will be releasing something for SONOS so you will be able to play stuff from your Echo or Echo Dot. The back of the system has an ethernet port by chance you want to connect to your router directly. Lastly, in order to purchase the product, you can Click Here but there are some things you need to have:

  • TV with optical audio output.
  • Broadband Internet in your home.
  • Sonos Controller App.

These are some of the basic things that you need. I feel like this is a super-cool approach for the company. For the same price, you are getting better sound quality and the design is more sleek, slim, and rich looking.

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