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We are a group of tech enthusiasts, who love to write about tech and want to deliver the latest and most accurate news about tech to all you tech readers out there in the open world.

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My name is Yash Khaitan and I am a techy person who loves to write about tech. I am the one who writes about all kinds of tech and stays up to date with the latest tech news. I started tekopia.net in April of 2017 and have continued on since then. As you can tell from the picture, I am a huge Star Wars fan and I really love the whole series and I am super pumped for the new one that will come out later in the year. My goal is to write articles that are funny, interesting, eligible and most important tech related. So, just remember to stay tuned for more upcoming articles from me and the rest of the team that is working here at tekopia.net and I also hope to see all of your fabulous comments at the end of each of the articles. You can contact me at yashv.khaitan@tekopia.net.

Hello! My name is Raj Khaitan and I am the writer for the Electric section. I am also the editor for tekopia.net and I make sure that all of the content on tekopia.net is up to date. I enjoy talking about electric vehicles, especially Tesla. My goal as a writer on tekopia.net is to provide you users with the best and most up to date articles about electric vehicles. Make sure you stay tuned for more content by me and the other writers here at tekopia.net. You can contact me at rajvardhan.khaitan@gmail.com if you have any questions on my articles.



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