Model 3. Nailed it or Failed it?

The Tesla Model 3 has been rolling out for a while now. On July 28th, Elon Musk committed to around 27,000 cars by the end of the year with the number being produced every month following an exponential curve as seen below.

For this month, Tesla is supposed to produce approximately 1500 Model 3’s and from rumors, we know that Tesla is doing 20-25 cars per day with the number increasing every day putting them on track to hit their goal. But the issue that Tesla has had in the past was not delivering them on time but was quality issues. In the first 3 months of the Model X, production began to ramp up with more owners receiving their vehicle every month. But many owners were complaining about both software and hardware issues such as non-retracting spoilers, falcon doors not stopping for obstacles, side mirrors not auto folding and others. These sorts of issues are something that Tesla has said they are ensuring will not happen with the Model 3. But yesterday, while visiting the factory in Fremont, I spotted a Model 3 with some manufacturing defects.



The Model 3 looked almost perfect. But when walking around the vehicle, I spotted an issue with the driver’s door. As one can see, the door looks like it has been left open as there is a gap between it and the car and the window is not all the way up.When closing the car door on a Tesla, after it is pushed in completely, the door pulls itself in even more and lifts the window slightly higher which completely locks the door. The door was definitely completely closed as I tried pushing it in but it didn’t move. This means that there could be a slight issue with the alignment of the door suggesting that the production line may need some fixing. Being VIN #100, this is one of the earlier vehicles compared to what is currently being delivered. If Tesla has not known about this issue, then many cars would have to be brought back for service. This would be bad for the company as the Model 3 is starting to become a sensational vehicle and no other owners have reported problems. Hopefully, this is just a bug in Tesla’s software or else Model 3 production would be even more delayed than people are already considering it to be.


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