Android O: An Overview

The solar eclipse wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened on Monday. Monday was the official release of Android O. This has been long awaited for many Android supporters. Now, you may be wondering, what does the O stand for? Well, Google has decided to stick with naming the releases of its popular OS(operating systems) with sweet treats which, in this case, is Oreo. Tuesday marked exactly one year from when Android 7, AKA Nougat was released, so an update was needed. So, what do you say, let us dive into the specs, shall we?

New features

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Although there are no more numbers after Android, Oreo doesn’t really have any changes to its animations or way the icons look. But, don’t let looks deceive you, there have been several changes software wise.


The speed on the Pixel phone has changed drastically with this new update. The boot speed is 2x faster than it previously was. This way, you can get into your favorite apps much faster.

Background limits

The background apps that are running are limited in this update. How many times have you seen your battery quickly deplete after just having a hundred percent in the morning? Luckily, Google has fixed this issue. Oreo “helps minimize background activity in the apps you use least, it’s the super power you can’t even see.” Finally. Battery Doctor, get out of my phone!


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Now here is a feature that is debatable. I for one won’t use it. Autofill works very similarly to Chrome autofill: it saves your password and helps you sign into apps. It could be useful for you if you have several passwords and you don’t want to take care of them.  I am always cautious with these features as I once saw my friend get all his passwords hacked just because he saved them in Chrome. Once hackers get into your browser, all they have to do is check your autofill passwords and they can get everything.

Picture in Picture

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Picture in picture is basically a feature where you can operate 2 apps at the same time. Let’s say you want to watch a YouTube video while you typing notes about what you are watching. All you do is start the video, then enable picture in picture(PIP), and open Google Docs and start typing. The screen won’t be equally separated into two; the app will become about ⅛ the size of the screen. You, of course, can use the picture in picture for video chat, and other things.

Notification Dots

It’s finally here people, Google’s own version of 3D touch. At the corner of each app icon, there is a tiny dot giving you latest notifications about each app, and things you can do.


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Google is pretty well known for their special jelly-like emojis. But, in the latest update, Google will be removing these as they have redone them in the fashion shown on the right side. They made the emoji perfectly round and flat and also worked on the expressions of them.

Now, there are much more features that Google has added into Oreo. For more information, please check out this link, Android O, and stay tuned for more updates. 

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