Tesla Model 3 Screen and Key Card Seen Ahead of Launch

In two days time, the Tesla Model 3 will be making its official debut. The wait for this revolutionary vehicle is almost over. But even with so much talk of the car in the past few months, the multiple sightings, pictures and other information, much ambiguity still surrounds the car as expected or there would be no point of holding an event for the vehicle. We still do not know the battery type, range, options, colors and much more features of the car. One is the use of the large touchscreen placed in the center of the car. So, we have a very close up picture of the screen.

Model 3 Touchscreen


In the left image, we get a clear view of the touchscreen of the car. The first thing that anyone would notice is that the screen is horizontal rather than vertical which is something that has been there since the beginning. But the big change lies in the screen’s software. There has been a complete overhaul of the design. The first is the change in multitasking. One can have 3 different panels open at the same time. The map is open on the right while the car is present on the left. This is amazing because you will always have access to whatever you need. On the left side of the screen is a panel for car controls. You can open and close the vehicle along with change the headlights. The top part of the panel is your speedometer. It currently says ‘P’ for Park but when driving it displays your speed and your battery charge. We tried to see how many miles the car had but it said 84% which doesn’t tell much. The car panel will disappear once the car is driving to allow for the map to stretch across the screen.

On the bottom, there is another panel. Music controls. In the Model S/X, there was a very different design to it. When multitasking between two different ‘tasks’, say Maps and Music, each would take up half the screen, as seen in the right image. The size of each could also not be adjusted which was slightly disappointing as one would prefer to see more of their map over their music selections. Comparing both of these, we see that the Model 3 definitely adds much more functionality. A small detail that is also noticeable is the map buttons. In the Model S/X, they held the shape of a rectangle with rounded edges but in the Model 3, the buttons have been completely rounded. And yes, the map is showing Mars. Just another cool Tesla Easter Egg.


Model 3 Key Card

Now for the past few days, the new concept of the Model 3 “key card” rather than key fob has been rising. A couple days ago, an SVP of Tesla was spotted with a key card in his hand. This similar sort of card has been spotted sitting inside the vehicle on a few occasions before. How this card works has been unknown. We would like to confirm that the card unlocks and locks the vehicle by being scanned on the B-pillar just below the HW2 front view camera. This works using NFC or Near Field Communication. A chip is present in the card which is software linked to a Model 3. An NFC reader is present just below the camera allowing one to scan their card and unlock or lock the vehicle. Sadly, we do not have any pictures of this happening as we were completely unprepared when we witnessed it in front of us but this is definitely a very big surprise. The use of a card that must be scanned most likely comes with Elon Musk’s goal to make the car very simple to use. We have already seen how much he has minimalized the clutter on the interior of the vehicle.


We will know much more after Friday’s event so stay tuned for that!



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