Tesla Model 3 Frame Spotted

Over the past many months, there have been numerous spottings of the Tesla Model 3. Different angles, features, colors, and rims. Just 2 days ago, we had gotten some of the clearest and best images of the interior of the car with the most significant being those of the second row. We keep seeing the car itself over and over again but have never seen what the car is built on. And that is what we have today.


Today, we spotted on Model 3 frame lying around in a Fremont parking lot. From this image, we see the front fascia of the vehicle and based on its state it is most likely being scraped from a previously used Model 3. There could be two reasons for this. The first is that it most likely was a much older Model 3 used in the original unveil last year. It would have had Autopilot HW1 which makes the car completely useless. The second is the color. Excluding the hood, the rest of the frame has a black color to it, possibly matte black. It was one of the original colors shown at last years event with very few spottings much after. It could be ruled that popularity for this color had died down thus the car is being scrapped.


Here we have three more angles of the front fascia. There is not much to talk about as the frame just consists of the lower parts of the vehicle that is much more simpler. One thing we can say is that the front hood will definitely pop up to give access to the trunk where there is more storage space. Electric vehicles just require a motor to move the car. As a result, there is no engine, gears and many other moving parts are also removed allowing for the extra space. This is present in the Model S/X and although it may seem obvious to have front storage space, we have never seen a Model 3 with its front hood open.

With the event coming closer, we can see that Tesla is going ahead at full throttle and is getting everything together so that they will be able to handle the sudden influx of vehicles. We will be getting all the details on July 28th so stay tuned and let us know in the comments what you think about the images.

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