Atari Announces their New Console

Almost 4 years ago Atari filed for bankruptcy. Since then Atari has remained under the radar with nothing new and now they have come back after so many years with a brand new console. Who knew Atari would copy Nintendo and bring back one of their oldest consoles but designed with the modern looks and capabilities. Let’s dive into the world of Atari and explore the all new Ataribox console.

It wasn’t until yesterday that Atari updated their website and announced the new Ataribox with a small 20-second clip of what they have been up to. The video was followed up with a “Coming Soon” title at the top and a “Be the first to know” which is basically them telling you to subscribe to their newsletter so that you know when the console actually releases. If you guys want to visit their website the just Click Here. There is currently no released date or price or any other information regarding the console.

How it looks

Based on the video we can see that the console looked super funky. We knew there was going to be an Atari Console but we didn’t know that it would look like that. 3/4 of the console will have a glossy look and the other 1/4 will have this old retro wood finish. This part really brings back the old days and will hopefully bring back memories to all you folks out there that will buy the console once it has released. There isn’t much detail to talk about so let’s move onto the back. Based on pictures the console will come with an SD card slot, HDMI output, and four USB ports. This is really crazy because we don’t have any console that supports an SD card slot and also 4 USB ports. Most current gaming consoles only have 2-3 of these. There is also an ethernet port along with may look like either a headphone jack or simply a power outlet.  Be sure to be on the lookout for new information that will be coming on the console. We hope to get more information by the end of July and hopefully the price by the end of August.      

If you guys want to check out the 20-second clip then you can just watch the video down below of this article and once again stay tuned for more information by Atari.

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