E3 2017 Day 3 Recap and Analysis

Today was the day that Ubisoft and Sony introduced their new games to the gaming community. Yesterday and the day before we got plenty of gameplay trailers from EA and Microsoft, so today we got the same. At around 1 pm Ubisoft held their own conference. Ubisoft is known for creating the best open world exploration games and we have got another one. With that let’s jump right into the new games that Ubisoft announced.

The first game I want to talk about is Far Cry 5. If you don’t remember Ubisoft released their brand-new Far Cry Primal back at E3 2016. It was set to the same tone as Far Cry 4 with a more jungle like look to it, the opposite of what we have seen in games such as Watch Dogs. Far Cry is finally moving on to a more modern look with more content that will be added to the game. As shown in the gameplay trailer it will be packed with new characters and abilities that the other Far Cry’s didn’t have such as advanced Snipers, Specialized dogs, Co-Op mode, new vehicles such as dogfighting planes and much more to come throughout the year. The executive designers strictly stated that the game is based more on exploring and not mostly on completing the story. Based on that we can say that the game will have a lot more cities to be explored, more guns and loot to be gathered with some other cool features. This is probably going to be the best Far Cry and we can wait until November to shine.

The second game I want to talk about is The Crew 2. We got The Crew last year just when we also got the new Need For Speed. Not the best timing Ubisoft because Need For Speed stole the spotlight. But there were a ton of people that still bought The Crew and those people had tons of fun. You were able to explore the city but it was very limited. So just like Far Cry, the chief designer stated that there will be multi-stages of the races such as transitioning from cars to jet boats, to planes and back. This was confirmed today in the gameplay trailer which I will put down below at the end of the article. The Crew 2 will focus more towards the side of exploration such as exploring New York city and you will now be able to explore the whole city including their rooftops by having rooftop races and plane races. The Crew 2 is trying to compete against Forza which will be coming out and we hope to see better sales and reviews of this game.

That is all of the big announcements for the day. I will be creating a separate article on Sony later in the day that goes much more in depth so stay tuned for that. Once Sony is done by around 7:30, I will post a recap of the press conference. And if you want to view the whole calendar of E3 then you can just look down at the picture below.

If you want to see the trailer then you can watch the gameplay videos for Far Cry and The Crew 2 down below.

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