Microsoft Introduce’s their new Surface Pro

This morning in Shanghai, China, Microsoft announced the latest generation of their Surface Pro tablet. The numbering system has been refined down, and it’s back to just the Surface Pro, but the latest generation is a long way from the original Surface Pro that came out in 2013. This is just a copyright version of their first model but has more modern specs and design built into it. One month ago Microsoft released their new computer that is finally going to start shipping and will soon become the same for this new product. The product will be a combination of the Surface Pro series and the new Surface laptop with three different modes that you can convert it into. One being Laptop Mode which will allow the customer to sit back on their chair and type on a computer in the standard posture a normal person would do with their computer. The second being Studio Mode which will allow the customer to lean a bit on the table and use the stylus/pen that will come with it to use their drawing app to sketch or make creative drawings and use that awesome Dial to change the colors. Last is the third mode being Tablet mode which will allow the customer to use the Surface Pro as a tablet and use it to play games or view the screen landscape.

So far it looks pretty cool because you have a multi-transformable computer which will change into your preferred mode based on the Kickstand at the back of the computer that looks completely hidden so it doesn’t affect the design. The Surface Pro will boast a 50% longer battery life than the Surface Pro 4 and will have a 2.5x more performance rate than the Surface Pro 3. BY now you can already tell that Microsoft has really stepped it up by adding more faster and better chips and motherboards in order to speed up the performance. Surprisingly the dazzling product will be packed with RAM almost up to 16GB which is crazy. The screen will be packed with a brilliant color and razor-sharp resolution of 12.3” PixelSense™ Display with a stunning screen that responds to the new Surface Pen and touch.

Wait a second, don’t you remember that noise that the Surface Pro 3 would emit after you use it for a while, oh yeah that’s right it would be hot air coming out at the bottom that would just drive you nuts. Well, that problem has been patched up by a bandage because Microsoft added a new fanless cooling system, plus improved hybrid cooling on the i7 model, so now you can work or stream your favorite shows in peace and not have to bang your head on the wall.

Adding more features, the Microsoft comes in many different options based on what you prefer. So below is a picture that shows the features of each option that Microsoft provided on their website which you can go to if you Click Here.

This screenshot from my computer shows all of the options you can choose from to customize your computer based on preference.

As you can see these are all of the options that you have to choose from. I feel like Microsoft made it way to complicated for you because you not only need to choose from these options but you have to choose which color you really want. My preference is the gold or black one that they are offering because those look the best. If you want to look at the release video then just look at the video below.

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