Tesla Model 3 Pics

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year.  Early last year, we saw the vehicle for the first time and the wait had begun for the car to reach production. That wait is almost over with the first Model 3’s coming out in July. But, Tesla already has their own fleet of Model 3’s that are the ‘release candidate versions’ which were close to the final versions of the car with only some remaining bugs in the software. These Model 3’s have been seen driving around The Bay Area, Tesla’s home, ever since last year with much more frequent appearances from April of this year. And today, we found one just outside of the Tesla Headquarters and brought the pictures to you.

Here we see the front of the Model 3. This is one of the pictures that we all have seen many times and has remained the same throughout the versions of the vehicle.

In this image, we see one the headlights the Model 3. This piece of the vehicle has been significantly changed from the original version. As we see, the headlight has been stretched vertically along the side of the car. The first version had the headlight stretched horizontally. The actual inside of the headlight has remained the same.

With this picture, we see the interior of the vehicle. There is the horizontal touch screen rather than vertical of to the center of the dashboard. The design may seem slightly odd as there is just a continuous panel of wood with no Heads-Up-Display to create a divide. There is a great amount of debate as to whether this may hinder the driver’s ability to properly drive a vehicle or if it doesn’t change anything.







Camped up from Mars Hill, I was able to get a picture of the entire side of the vehicle. The vehicle has a complete and continuous glass panel along the top which allows for astonishing views through it. The side has remained almost exactly the same as intended from the start.

The rear of the vehicle is extremely interesting. The first matter at hand is the tail lights. The tail lights also extend onto the sides of the vehicle where we see an upside down triangle. This is very different from the traditional style present on the Model S and Model X that are inverted. As of now, we do not know where the charge port will be located but if all remains the same as before, it should be present on the side of the tail lights. The trunk is also an issue. With a continuous glass panel, it has become difficult for Tesla to create a trunk with a large opening as we see in the current vehicles. This is one of the signature features of the vehicles because it allows for more access to the rear of the vehicle. Just above the tail light, we see a small gap in the body of the car. This area is most likely where the hinge is located for the rear liftgate which would be the same as when the car was first seen last year. One could most likely speculate the smaller opening for access into the trunk has stayed which could serve as a downer for people wanting to buy the car.

This last picture gives us an entire view of the rear of the vehicle. Not much has changed ever since last year with the design remaining exactly the same.

The Tesla Model 3 is still an ambiguous car with lots of the features still unknown. Rumors of another Model 3 event in July hope to clear up all these issues so that customers can finally see the final version of the vehicle as it has been a very long wait. Also in July, the first vehicles will come out the Tesla Factory with hands on reviews coming that will show us the true potential of the vehicle.

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  1. I compared them and actually the headlights on the prototype are quite a bit smaller than the demo launch versions. the demo lights are stretched out more both horizontally and vertically.

    Not a big fan of the prototype lights but they probably had to reduce the size for costs purposes.

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