Is this the Best Window’s Update so Far?

It hasn’t been some time when recently Microsoft launched their brand new Surface Laptop. I wrote an article about it so if you want to go visit the article Click Here. This was released prior to there successor the Surface Pro. Pre-order is currently available so you can go and order one of those things and you are expected to get in early June. Anyways, back to the Update. With the new product, Microsoft also launched a new Update that will be pushed to all devices running Window’s sooner or later. The update was mostly done for security but there are other things. Introducing Window’s 10 S. S standing for security is probably one of the best updates that have yet been pushed to each device by Microsoft. Let’s cover the details on the brand new update.

The first thing I want to talk about is the update in general and some of the new things that will be being added. Microsoft introduces their new own and personal secure browser called Microsoft Edge. It is your default browser and claims that it is more secure than Chrome or Firefox. I can already see a problem in this because some people really still like Google Chrome that is the default browser which everyone has so I don’t get why Microsoft would be creating their own because it is going to piss people off and they are just not going to use the browser. The Windows Defender and all ongoing security features of Windows 10 will all be included. Next, they talk about Microsoft Edge. There website states:

With Microsoft Edge your online experience runs fast and safe. Stream HD video, switch across apps and stay productive on the go.

I see where they are going with this idea because generally when running a YouTube video does slow your computer down so it is hard to use other apps at the same time as the video is running because it consumes most of the power of your computer. We all hope that what Microsoft is saying is true because this might help bring customers in to update to the latest software.

Next, on the website, they talk about some of the features of the update and the things that are still there from Window’s 10. It will help you enjoy multitasking with snap, task view, and virtual desktops. Get the suite of built-in apps and will get the latest innovations like Cortana, Windows Ink and Windows Hello for password-free sign-on. Later in the future, Microsoft will release some modern devices that can be bought separately in the future. The Windows 10 S will also integrate with your OneDrive so files that are saved to the cloud, in sync and accessible from your devices. Use compatible apps available from the Windows Store. If you need to use professional tools or would rather run non-Store apps, you can easily and affordably switch to Windows 10 Pro.

That is mostly it for the update, to be honest with you guys the update by Microsoft is not the brightest update they can ever do because nothing really got updated it is just that it mostly added some more code to your computer which will give you things that you might not even use.

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