Introducing the new Window’s Laptop

We are almost close to the anniversary of Windows 10 which was announced on June 1, 2015. This was considered to be one of the biggest updates that will be being pushed to all computers that were bought with the Windows platform. Some people were really hyped about this new update and some just like their original Windows 7 layout (just like me). To be honest it was a pretty big update but the only they should have changed was the bugs and security. The design didn’t really look that good and it took some time to get used to. Well, Windows introduced there new update called Windows 10 S. This is supposed to be a major security and bug update and really boost the performance of your computer. But we are not here for that if we push that aside for another article, Windows introduced their brand new Windows Surface Laptop. This new computer is supposed to be just like the Surface tablets but has much more features that were not there on the Surface. Let’s talk about the brand new computer’s design and specs.


If you don’t remember, when the first Surface came out, it didn’t really have that many features. As years passed by Microsoft launched the Surface 2, 3, 4 and later the Pro. These still lacked some features and I am happy to announce they have all made their way into this new computer.

The computer will feature a 13.5-inch Pixel Sense display which is like your average size screen that is on your laptop. The display will have an Aspect Ratio of 3:2 with a resolution of 2256 x 1504, at 201ppi. The latest software that it will be running is the Windows 10 S. I will create an article on this because it is a huge new update that Windows will be pushing to each computer after a few days. I can’t wait to check this out so stay tuned for details on it. The processor that will be in the computer can depend because there are two options. You will be able to choose between Intel Core i5 or i7. Both options are good but the only thing is that there is an in i5 you get 4GB less RAM, the graphics are lower but by not a lot and lastly which is really a bummer but a marketing strategy for Microsoft is for i5 you can get it only in 128 and 256GB but in i7 you can get 256 and 512GB. This sucks because they are forcing consumers to buy the pricey one which is almost an $800 difference.

The computer will be touch screen which is what they were shooting for due to the Surface 1, 2, 3, 4 and Pro having that feature. At the front will be a camera which is mostly for facial recognition which is for logging into to your computer and for security purposes. The computer will have a battery life of 14.5 Hours until you need to stick in the charger. Speaking of charging the computer will have a USB 3.0 port and at the side will be a 3.5mm Headset jack for plugging in your headphones. The computer just like the Surface Studio will be compatible with the Surface Dial. In general, the computer will weigh about 2 lbs which are super light for a computer because usually, a computer is about 3-4 lbs. Besides that the surface dial and the stylus are sold separately so after purchase you need to go and order the two things if you want it otherwise for the stylus you can use your fingers to use the screen.

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