Nintendo Announces their Brand-New 2DS Spin-Off

It wasn’t until last year maybe around Summer Nintendo released the new version of the 3DS calling the “New Nintendo 3DS XL” with brand new software with Amiibo compatibility. Because when the first 3DS Xl version was released it didn’t have the feature to place an Amiibo character on the left side of the screen just like how it is on the Wii U gamepad and the new Nintendo Switch. This features, unfortunately, did not make it to the 2DS and wasn’t going to due to its size of the screen. Based on that, Nintendo announced their new Console that will be joining the line-up of their portable consoles. Introducing the Brand New Nintendo 2DS XL.

This new device is bound to have most of the same features that were previously introduced back in the 2DS and it might also have some features that are not there on the 2DS and the 3DS, so without further or do lets jump right into the leaked specs and games that will first be coming out when the portable console releases.

Specs and Design

The new 2DS XL features 2D gaming for almost all the Nintendo games. the only sad thing is, it is no 3D. The company has taken a bold move by introducing 2DS XL with a massive screen, which is 82 percent bigger than the previously launched 2DS system. I personally feel really good because when I bought my 3DS XL I was angry that I did not want to get the 2DS because of the size of the screen and how it would be way to small for my eyes. And now I am here with the brand-new console that is cheaper, newer, faster and has the same size screen as what my 3DS XL has. Due to this, it might be a threat to the 3DS. People would stop buying the 3DS because it is $50 more and the only difference between the new and the old is games that are playable in 3D.

The device will be priced starting at $150 which is really cheap for any Nintendo product, for example, the Nintendo Switch also cost $200 so that is a pro for the new console. The device is bound to have a faster and better processor which delivers faster gameplay and smoother transitions in each game that you can play which is the performance. Compared to the 3DS all of the buttons will be the same and the design is actually a bit different but they are super close. The screen that is on the top will not be continuous at the part where the top and bottom screens meet. This means that there are going to be two gaps located between the left and right bottom of the top screen and the top right and left corners of the bottom screen. To make things more clear the picture down below shows you what I mean.

Notice the middle panel in the center of the DS. It has a new thing in the center of the panel.

The 2DS XL will play all of the games (compatible games also) that are available and also with new upcoming games that will be released on June 1. That is mostly it for this article. I am super pumped for the new DS and I hope that boost the sales for Nintendo just like the Nintendo Switch did.

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