A Big Announcement for Call of Duty WWII

So, yesterday or on April 26, 2017, at around 1 ish in the evening  Activision and their fellow friend Sledgehammer Games both together announced their next new game that will be joining the Call of Duty Series. Everyone including me is super hyped about the game and people are already looking forward to the game beta and the pre-launch of the game. Folks say they might get a glimpse of it at E3 2017 but that is highly doubtful especially the fact that you have DICE and EA people who will be portraying their new game together which is Star Wars Battlefront II and Need For Speed 2017. With that, if you want to check out the article about the new Star Wars Battlefront II Click Here.

On the Call of Duty website, Activision updated the website and added a new section for Call of Duty WWII. The website at the top had a countdown that is no longer there but it was for when the lime stream would start. After the timer went off another minute timer started ticking. People thought it was a glitch in their website because lots of people were on it at the same time but it was actually the countdown for the actual trailer for the game to get announced. If you want to go visit the page of the game then Click Here. And if you are lazy to go to the website then scroll down to watch the trailer.

I want to take the time to talk about the trailer. The trailer was so phenomenal that it didn’t really give that much to the users. I feel like that is a good thing so that as the days pass by more and more content gets released and just like that will come the day when all of that is in one and is selling in stores.


The trailer that was shown at the event really talked showed and talked about the campaign. That is mostly what the trailers for these type of games are meant for. The start of the trailer is an old man’s voice giving a speech. That is the voice of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This is true because D-Day takes place in 1944 on June 6 and that was the time when he was president. That was probably a speech that he was giving after this incident happened. Then it shows soldiers that are in ships about to land on the Norwegian beach. Pretty good content based on history. Then it shows tanks and planes shooting each other down. This shows that in the campaign we will be able to play as tanks and planes just as we saw in Battlefield 1. After that, it shows some basic soldiers shooting each other but what I want to talk about is about the soldier that you will be playing as. My guess is based on a group of people that you will be switching between as you go through the story. This is basically what they did in Battlefield 1 where they forced you to die to simulate what happened back then in the war.

That is mostly it for the trailer but there are some bits of the trailer that show some of the multiplayer for example in the end when it shows the beta and when you will be able to play the beta. That is it, besides that, we get to see some of the guns that you will be playing with and also a new weapon which is the flamethrower. That weapon is mostly for close combat cases when you are enemy spawn area.

I feel that this game is going to probably be one of the best games that the developer has made because it is about World War so it has a strong storyline and the weapons are super old so it brings that old rustic look to the game. The graphics of the game are going to be phenomenall.

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