New Samsung Note 8 Pictures Leaked

It hasn’t been for a while when we got the Galaxy S8. CEO of Samsung introduced it in an orderly fashioned way just as Tim Cook would for the next iPhone. Life was good until today when a picture got leaked showing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung has immediately put this new phone to work because of the incident that happened back in late 2016 where their Note 7’s would blow due to overuse of the battery in the phone. And after that Samsung immediately called off their battery supplier and made a partnership/deal with them. Samsung thought hopefully they would do a better job in created better batteries. So they thought why not just start with a clean slate and create a new phone. Now the Note 7 is not allowed to be bought from their website and the only way to get a hold of one of those bombs is to buy it from someone on Ebay. Introducing the new Galaxy Note 8 (not really):

This is from We are not 100% sure if this is real or not.

This image at the top claims that it is a Note 8. We are not 100% sure because if you look at stylus at the right of the phone it looks just like the Note 7 stylus. Or it could be true if Samsung wants to keep the stylus the same as the Note 7 then maybe I might be wrong. On the screen, it shows in words written in Chinese or Korean or Japanese “Bixby”. This piece of the picture is pretty accurate because as we know from the S8 launch they introduced the new personal assistant. The person began to say that this will be integrated into every Samsung phone that will be released from this point onwards. The only thing in this picture that looks super suspicious is the background of the screen. As you can see the bar at the bottom is white instead of black. Usually, the bar in all Android phones is black, not white.

This picture actually might also be a teaser for the phone because based on the knowledge we know that from this point onwards most phones by Samsung will have rounded edges and the screens are going to be a lot better. The reason why they are doing that is to release a competitor against the iPhone Pluses. They are mostly focusing on how big the phone is and soon you will get normal iPhone’s with a much bigger screen and it might also have wireless charging.

In my opinion, I feel that this picture at the top of this article is actually fake because Samsung wouldn’t have to jut given this person a random Note 8 and a person in the company probably did not post this on We will see after a few more weeks pass by if Samsung might announce something about the Note 8.

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