New Nokia Phone Teased For 2017

Smartphones have been around for 20 years. Every year smartphones have been redesigned and refined into better versions. For example, if you compare the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 7 there has been tons and tons of changes. If you look at the size of the phone, it has changed drastically to the iPhone 4. Every year Apple changes the design of their phone like the camera, its actual design of the phone and other things. There are companies that are the most popular in the Smartphone market like Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, HTC, Xiaomi.

These are some of the companies that have dominated the market and are the phones that are bought every year. Surprisingly enough if you remember that company that started with an “N”, something like Nokia back then, they have arisen from the dead. Nokia has teased their new phone that they are releasing in late 2017 names the Nokia 6. This is a super big jump for them because they were the top selling phone brand until Apple came out with their iPhone 4 and 4s and that was way back then in the beginning of the 2000’s. Since then they have been a dead company and have not really created anything that would bring them back in the market.

Nokia revised their website by creating a whole new page which talks about the Nokia 6. They have not stated any dates or specs of the new phone but we no one obvious thing, it will run the latest Android software. There is a small video which shows people that are uniting together which doesn’t have anything to do with the phone, but how else could they have filled up that page if they didn’t want to give out any content on the phone. There is a picture of the phone but only some of the phone. It shows the top panel of the screen. In the middle is a speaker bar, to its right is the camera and at the right of the camera is where they wrote NOKIA in big letters. At the left side of the bar is this weird circle dot with some faded gray coloring. That is something that might be brought up later as the days pass by. My guess is that it might be a facial recognition thing that will detect the face to log into the phone, but who knows.


I feel like this might be a phone that could dominate the new Galaxy S8 that just came out by Samsung because it has some things that might outrank the new Samsung phone.

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